Sunday, December 20, 2099

Things to remember

Now that I have taught you most of what you need to know, I will tell you some things you need to remember and be cautious of.

  1. Only use the correct % of nitro that your car is made for. Otherwise, it will mess something up.
  2. Remember to perform the after-run maintenance after every run.
  3. Be sure to remember to break-in the engine before you use it to its full potential.
  4. Transmitter on first, off last.
  5. While driving, be sure you are in control. If you think you might crash, slow down or go to a more open area.
  6. Always check to make sure the steering/brakes are working before you run it.
  7. Don't inhale the fumes of the nitro (it BURNS) and avoid skin/eye contact. Especially eye contact.
  8. Have fun.