Friday, December 25, 2099

Tuning the needles to keep the car running

Seen here is the high speed needle, and the idle needle. The high speed is the one with the golden thing around it, and the idle is the little black one under the air filter. The first one you may need to adjust is the idle needle. Remove the air filter and take a look into the carb. You should see a hole that is very tiny, like only 1mm or so. Engage the brakes with the transmitter, and make sure the hole does not close up completely. If it does, adjust the idle needle. Turn it clockwise to make the carb hole open and turn it counterclockwise to make the carb hole close.

Here you can see the low speed needle screw. It is the one in the middle of the rubber just under the bar on the top. For factory settings, it is recommended to turn the high and low speed needles all the way in (until they dont turn easily anymore) and then turn them 2 and a half turns counterclockwise. Keep them at this for breaking in.


  • Engine turns on, but the wheels go automatically and the car won't stay still
    • This is because the idle is set too high. To fix, turn the idle to the left a little and try again. You can also try turning the "throttle trim" dial on the transmitter to close the gap a little.
  • Engine turns on, but turns off quickly
    • This is because the idle is set too low. Do the opposite of what you did to fix the first problem.
  • Engine won't start
    • There are a number of things that could be the problem for this. First check to see if the glow plug is glowing. Remove it from the car and while holding it on the sides, push it into the igniter. If it glows orange, than its good. If it doesn't glow or is very weak, check to see if the igniter is charged, then replace the glow plug itself if that doesn't work. Also, make sure there is fuel in the lines, and make sure the idle isn't too low.
  • Engine cuts out when brakes are applied
    • Usually if this happens, you need to adjust either the idle or low speed needle.