Wednesday, December 23, 2099

After-run maintenence

After you finish running, after each day, you have to do all of the following to help keep your nitro car running the best it can:

  1. Attempt to run the engine until all the extra fuel is burned up. Nitro has alcohol in it, which attracts water which will rust the engine. Make sure the fuel tank is empty. You can use the fuel bottle to remove any excess.
  2. Remove the glow plug and insert 2-3 drops of after run oil, and pull the cord to turn over the engine to spread the oil. You can also remove the air filter and insert 2 drops into the carb as well.
  3. Put the piston in BDC (bottom dead center) position. The sleeve is tapered, so you have to put the piston at the bottom position to let it cool properly. To do this, remove the glow plug, and put a soft object such as a Q-tip into the opening. Pull on the pull cord and stop when the piston is as low as it will go. Once it is there, make a mark on the flywheel with a marker so you will know where to put it next time.
  4. Take off the wheels, spoiler if there is one, and body and wash them in the sink with water. The dirt will easily come off. Set them aside to dry. Also you want to wash out the air filters, with water and soap, and rinse the fuel bottle out.
  5. Now you have to clean the actual car. Don't use water. It will break the electrics. I like to use an air compressor because it easily blasts everything away and leaves the car clean. If you don't have one, you need to use a paper  towel and a toothbrush. You can also use WD-40 as it is safe for electronics.
  6. Remember: transmitter always goes on first, and off last.

And that's it! Remember to do this after every day of running.