Wednesday, December 30, 2099

Intro- Electric vs Nitro cars

When I say "R/C" cars, what comes to mind is probably the crappy ones you can find at Walmart or other retail stores. Those are referred to as "toy-grade" R/C cars. They are usually very cheap ($10-$50), however they aren't too much fun. Their motors are very weak, delivering speeds of around 5 MPH. Their batteries only last 10 minutes before they start to weaken. They are also not customizable and if something breaks, the whole vehicle is garbage. They are good enough for kids to play with, but if you want something more fun, you will want to check out "hobby-grade" R/C cars. These cars are a whole different story. They have very powerful motors, with speeds of 25-60MPH, some even faster. They are a lot of fun to play with, and will leave the "toy-grade" ones in the dust.

Hobby grade R/C cars are divided into two main categories: Electric-powered and Nitro-powered. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Electric-powered cars are simpler. All you need is a battery to run it. They are also quieter. You can easily run it around in your house without anyone caring too much. Also, electric ones are usually a little cheaper.

Nitro-powered cars are what I will be discussing next. Even though they are a little more expensive, they are a lot more fun. They have more power than their electric counterparts. They are also able to be run all day long, whereas an electric one has to stop to recharge the batteries. Nitro ones are also a bit louder, but as long as you don't run it at night or early morning when your neighbors would care it will be fine.

electric-powered street car

nitro-powered monster truck

Even though electric cars are cool too, this blog will focus mainly on nitro ones.