Sunday, December 27, 2099

What you need to get started

So if you have read this far and still are interested, I will explain what you will need to get and do to get started in this hobby. Everything that you need are as follows:

-Actual nitro R/C car (you can order them online, but if you live near a hobby shop, I recommend going to that first)

-Nitro "starter kit" (contains basic tools and things you have to have for the car)

-Nitromethane fuel (same thing, easily bought online or in hobby shop)

-After run oil (used in the engine after its been run to keep it lubricated and running strong)

-Spare glow plugs (in case the one you have burns out, it needs to be replaced)

-AA batteries (usually 8 or 12)

The actual nitro car usually comes with: the car, transmitter, 1 glow plug, and a manual and sometimes some other small miscellaneous parts such as stickers. (usually $120-$300+)

The starter kit usually comes with: 2 cross wrenches that fit every bolt and nut, as well at the glow plug on the car, the glow plug igniter, a charger for the igniter, a fuel bottle to get the fuel into the tank, and 2 screwdrivers, one flat-head and one phillips head. (usually $15-$25)

The nitro fuel has a whole bunch of different prices, based on where you get it from and how much you get. Online, I paid $35 for a gallon (I will include links), but if you get a quart, it can be about $25 so i recommend buying in gallons so you get the best deal. I'm not sure how much hobby shops charge, but I imagine it will be cheaper online.

After run oil is cheap, I got a 2oz bottle for like $5 off eBay.

Spare glow plugs are also cheap, I got one for about $6 off eBay.

Okay now for some recommended sites....

To get the car, I really recommend NitroRCX. They have a pretty decent array of nitro, as well as electric cars. They also sell R/C boats. But what really makes them stand out to me is how they have the best prices around. I got the 1/10 scale Exceed RC Hyperspeed buggy, it cost $120, which is very cheap for a nitro car. Despite the cheap prices, this car is very durable and very fast. NitroRCX also has free shipping, if you put the coupon code "rcxfreeship" into the box. (the code may not work forever, but it works as of right now)

For the starter kit, if you buy from NitroRCX, it will automatically include one with your purchase for $15. This is the best price I have found for a starter kit.

starter kit

I got my nitro fuel from Torco Nitro, as they have good prices, and free shipping. Nitro comes in %, determining how much oil is in the mixture. For the buggy I got, it uses 20%. Street racing cars use a lower number I think, but the website you get from will tell you which to use.

20% nitromethane from torco

After run oil is pretty much all the same. Glow plugs come in different heat ratings, Hot, med, and cold. For an off road buggy, use a Med or preferably a hot one. For on road racing, its usually a cold one that is used.

This is the after run oil i use.

Here is a glow plug. The copper washer is important.

Thats basically all you need to get started. I bought everything i needed for about $180. Which is actually a good price for all I got.


  1. Yes getting started in the RC sport can be intimidating. With so many RC parts and options, it can be a challenge to know where to start.
    And this is probably the first question that you'll ask yourself.
    Do I buy a Car, Truck or Buggy?

  2. Nice written!! I have been a big fan of your blogs. thanks

    Tom Franco

  3. Nice article!It' not big price for all of that. Maybe some day I start with building :D

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